3 Swords Manicure Set Review: Real Deal or Not?

You guys know me – always stalking affordable finds that could be the next big thing for fab nails on a budget! 💅 So when I recently discovered the crazy cheap 3 Swords Manicure Set, my bargain shopping senses started tingling. I mean c’mon, a trio of nail tools for under $10? These viral buffers and shiners seemed too good to pass up! And while the kitschy sword shapes made me laugh, maybe they could actually cut through my DIY nail struggles? I had to snag this set stat and take these babies for a test drive! Could 3 random nail files really elevate my sloppy home manis? Let’s find out if this wacky trio has what it takes or if I’m better off grabbing my trusty tools from the drugstore.

About 3 Swords Manicure Set

The Three Swords Manicure Set combines elegance with functionality, offering a premium grooming experience. This set includes meticulously crafted, high-quality stainless steel tools like sharp scissors and clippers, ensuring precise and effortless nail care. Housed in a sophisticated leather case, it not only provides convenience but also adds a touch of luxury to your grooming routine. While it boasts an impressive design and sharp, efficient tools, users should note the compact size of the implements and the occasional difficulty with the case’s zipper.

3 Swords Manicure Set Review

3 Swords Manicure Set Review After Using

For starters, the metal quality is solid for how cheap they are. The tools feel sturdy when I use them, not flimsy at all. And so far the shapes work nicely to fix up my nails without any irritation.

The little leather pouch is fun too! It’s not fancy leathercraft, but hey, it stores my stuff. Though I do wish the zipper was smoother.

Precision-wise, these helpers do an awesome job! The clipper gives me just the right amount of trim, while the files reshape my nails perfectly. Honestly I’m majorly impressed by how accurately and easily they handle for budget tools. Professional grade? Well, maybe don’t go that far…

Real talk – for basic upkeep between salon days that I can stuff in my bag, this sword trio handles biz. Will they replace all my legit nail files and snips? Nah.

3 Swords Manicure Set Pros and Cons


  • Variety of tools included in the set.
  • Made with German steel, indicating high quality.
  • Affordable price for the selection of tools.
  • Compact and sleek design, making it easy to carry.


  • Some users might prefer more tools.
  • Pricier than other sets.
  • Not sharp enough for pedicure

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Should You Buy 3 Swords Manicure Set?

Quality Metal for the Price

If you want fancy tools made from that hardcore German steel, these might not be your jam. But if you just need something sturdy that gets the job done without spending a ton? These budget stainless steel blades definitely deliver!

Plenty of Options

Some kits only give you like 5 basic tools, but this set loads you up with all the fixins’! We got multiple clippers, files, pushers – more than enough to handle whatever mani drama I threw its way. Whether you just need the basics or love specialty tools like cuticle trimmers, they’ve got your needs covered.

Cute + Compact

If you’re big on portability like me, you’ll love throwing this sleek little pouch in your purse! Not only does it look cute sitting out, the compact storing keeps everything protected without taking up much bag space. So yes to easy transport!

Splurge vs Save

If you’ve got the budget, go ahead and invest in some premium tools. But if you wanna save those coins for the nail salon? These affordable swords get the job done without digging deep into your pockets! If you just want convenient tools for tidy tips in between appointments, these cuties fit the bill.


So at the end of the day, can this budget “3 Swords” set really replace professional tools after years doing nails? Honest truth? Not completely for this experienced nail tech. Sometimes I do still need specialized shapes and fine-tuned precision that this generic kit can’t totally replicate. But for those between salon visits who need a convenient way to fix hangnails, trims cuticles, or file down ragged edges? These little swords definitely save the day for cheap!

While I’ll always suggest visiting pros like myself for intricate nail art and longer-lasting polish, these purse-friendly tools allow the everyday gal to tidy up. So next time you can’t make it in for your appointment, pull out the trusty 3 Swords for quick mani maintenance! Just maybe avoid major shaping or trying more advanced techniques, heh.

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