15+ Far Out 70s Retro Nail Designs for Vintage Vibes

70s Retro Nail Designs for Vintage Vibes: The 1970s delivered some of the most memorable and iconic styles that still influence fashion today. Bold prints, earth tones, and carefree vibes defined the decade. Why not bring back the funky 70s aesthetic to your next manicure?

In this post, I’ll share 12 retro nail designs straight from the groovy 70s era. These ideas will add vintage flair whether you’re going for disco diva, flower child, or boho babe vibes. So grab your favorite polishes, turn up the tunes, and let’s get into these far out nail art ideas!

15+ Far Out 70s Retro Nail Designs for Vintage Vibes

1. Psychedelic Flower Power

This design features brightly colored flowers against a black background. The vivid tones perfectly capture the psychedelic flower power movement.

I love how the flowers pop against the dark base. It creates such an eye-catching, retro look. Use your boldest, most saturated polishes to recreate this style. Add rounded petals and leaves freehand for that authentic 70s vibe.

2. Groovy Color Wave Nails

What’s more reminiscent of the 70s than laidback ombre waves? This artsy nail idea lets you run wild with shades of your choosing.

The randomness and imperfection of the waves conjure up happy hippie feelings. Start with a neutral base to really make the colors stand out. Layer and blend your polishes from light to dark. Keep the tips transparent for a cool, coastal effect.

3. Mellow Yellow Nails

A pale yellow base gives off major mellow, sunshine vibes perfect for summer. Against the soft base, bright waves in orange, blue, purple and more colors pop beautifully.

I love how this mani nails the relaxed, California attitude that dominated 70s culture. The muted base keeps the look natural while still letting your rainbow waves shine. Take inspo from sunset colors!

4. Smiley Flower Power Nails

Why not mash up two 70s trends – bold flower power and smiley faces? Paint large, loosely defined flowers in a rainbow of colors.

Then add little smiley faces in the flower centers for an extra dose of hippie joy. This combo captures the optimistic, funky attitude of the era. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your floral shapes and color combos!

5. Retro Heart Nail Art

Heap on the retro with loosely brushed wavy lines in burnt orange and mustard tones. Then accent your ring finger with playful hearts in the same earthy colors.

The imperfect waves and hand-drawn hearts feel completely 70s. This mani proves hearts don’t have to be just girly. Go for a cool, laidback vibe with this design.

6. Terracotta Toned Nails

Terracotta emerged as a popular shade in the 70s, along with other earthy tones like mustard and avocado. This manicure uses a terracotta base swirled with white for retro flair.

The natural earth tones feel super chill and relaxed – ideal for transitioning from summer to fall. Add pops of brighter colors too if you want a bolder look. Either way, it’s totally 70s!

7. Blue & Green Retro Stripes

Vertical striped nails in shades of blue, green and white give off instant 70s style attitude. The varying widths and informal stripes feel completely retro.

For me, the stripes evoke leisure suits and graphic pattern mixing – so perfectly representative of 70s fashion! Play with different color combos, but always keep it groovy.

8. Disco Ball Nails

Get your disco fever on with these glittering silver and black nails! Cover in loose glitter or press it on over tacky polish for lots of shine.

Finish with black accent nails and silver tips. This sparkly look was made for busting moves under the disco ball all night long. Embrace the glitz, glam and funk of 70s nightlife culture.

9. Flower Power Nails

What’s more 70s than flower power? Paint bold, loosely defined floral shapes in bubbly pink and purple. Concentrate the flowers on accent nails for made impact.

These playful blooms capture the joy and optimism of 70s style. The bright colors feel fresh and upbeat. Add leaves, swirls and glitter for more texture. Perfect for spring and summer!

10. Blue & Green Tie Dye Nails

One of the most iconic 70s trends was tie-dye, which is still popular today. Create your own swirly tie-dye pattern in shades of green and blue.

The messy, imperfect look is completely on point for 70s nail art. You can even add earth tone beads or shapes for more dimension. This groovy mani screams chill, psychedelic vibes.

11. Retro Polka Dot Nails

For a girlier 70s twist, try painting nails in retro polka dots. Go for soft pink, purple, peach and mint tones. Add varied sizes of dots and use the palest shade as your base.

The sweet polka dots feel playful and flirty. This design proves retro style can still be feminine and cute! Switch up the color palette for different moods.

12. Funky Blue & Green Swirl Nails

Paint freehand swirls in shades of green and blue for a fun, artsy design. Let the shapes curve and loop randomly.

The imperfection captures that happy-go-lucky 70s attitude. For even more interest, outline the swirls with metallic gold or silver. This mani design is funky in all the best ways.

More 70s Retro Nail Designs for Vintage Vibes


The 70s gifted us with so many fun, memorable styles that have stood the test of time. Bring back the flower power, boho vibes, and disco fever through your nail art. These 12 retro nail designs offer endless inspiration, whether you’re feeling funky swirls, polka dots, or rainbow tie dye.

Recreate the effortlessly groovy attitude of the 70s with your own colorful spin. Let your creativity run wild and don’t be afraid of imperfection – it’s totally on-trend for the era! Whichever far out design you choose, your nails will give off the coolest retro vibes.

Want more nail inspiration across the decades? Peruse the Villa Nails blog for tips, trends, and designs from every era. Discover more ways to embrace vintage styles through your manicures!

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