Gel X Vs Polygel: A Pro’s Guide to Comparing Them!

What are Gel X and Polygel?

What are Gel X nails

First, let’s quickly cover what each product is:

Gel X is a pre-shaped gel nail coating that goes on top of your natural nail. It cures under UV or LED light. Gel x are thin, flexible, and look very natural.

Polygel is a thick gel-polymers compound, applied on nail forms or tips. It hardens by exposure to air – no light system needed. Polygel is lightweight yet strong.

Both gel x and polygel allow you to achieve a flawless manicure that can last for weeks with proper application and care. But let’s look closer at how they compare.

Gel X vs Polygel: Key Differences

Gel XPolygel
Gel polish layersThick polymer-gel compound
Cured with LED/UV lampHardens when exposed to air
Lower costHigher cost
Faster applicationMore shaping and customization
Smooth, glossy finishMatte or shiny finish

Durability and Longevity

When it comes to durability, polygel nails have the upper hand:

  • Polygel is flexible yet very strong and impact resistant. It bends rather than cracking or popping off.
  • Gel x is thinner and more prone to breaking, especially if you use your hands frequently.

However, gel x can sometimes last a bit longer before needing filled:

  • The thick layers of the gel x formula help prevent lifting at the edges.
  • Polygel is a bit more prone to shrinking and lifting during its lifespan.

So polygel wins for durability while gel x takes longevity. But both can last 2-3 weeks with proper application and care.

Application Process

The application process differs quite a bit between gel x vs polygel:

  • Gel x application is quick and only requires curing layers under a lamp. It takes around 30-40 minutes for a full set.
  • Polygel application takes longer, as each nail must be shaped and defined with forms. A full set takes 1-2 hours.

While gel x is faster to apply, polygel allows for more customization and shaping of the nails. The process is also cleaner and lower odor with polygel.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to cost for a professional manicure:

  • Gel x tends to be more affordable, with sets starting at $25-$50
  • Polygel sets range from $50-$100+

Of course costs vary widely based on your location. But gel x does provide more bang for your buck, with cheaper application and fill costs.

Nail Health

A common concern with any nail enhancement service is potential damage to your natural nails. Here is how gel x and polygel compare:

  • Gel x protects the nail since it goes on top. It can feel rubbery between fills though as it grows out.
  • Polygel requires more filing and shaping that can thin the nails. But it avoids having layers sealed on the nail.

Overall, both options are low risk if properly applied and removed. As always, tell your manicurist about any concerns you have.

Style Options

Gel x and polygel offer tons of possibilities when it comes to shapes, lengths and colors:

  • Gel x can be used to create any nail length or shape. And it comes in every color for endless options. The finished look is smooth and glossy.
  • Polygel also allows length and shaping versatility. It can be buffed to a natural matte finish or high glossy shine.

For embellishments, gel x tends to work better with nail art like glitter or rhinestones. Polygel nails suit sparkly powders and foil finishes.

Removal and Maintenance

Proper removal by a professional avoids damage when it’s time for a fill or to remove extensions. Here is how gel x and polygel compare:

  • Gel x is soaked off, which takes 10-20 minutes. Avoid peeling which can rip off layers of your nail.
  • Polygel needs to be filed down then soaked in acetone for 15-30 minutes for full removal. Monitor for irritation.

For fill maintenance, polygel requires more filing and shaping to refresh the nails. Gel x fills are faster since new polish is just reapplied on top.

Which is Better for Your Nails?

When deciding between gel x vs polygel, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Polygel for durability, shaping, and customization
  • Gel x for affordability and quick application
  • Either works for long-lasting wear and nail art
  • Polygel is better if you use your hands frequently
  • Gel x offers a more natural look and feel

I recommend trying both options to see which you prefer. Many clients enjoy gel x in the warmer months when nails tend to grow faster, and polygel in the winter for the stronger hold.

Caring for Gel X and Polygel Nails

Gel X and Polygel Nails

To help your manicure last 3-4 weeks:

  • Apply cuticle oil daily and use a glass nail file if needed
  • Avoid picking at the nails and never peel off gel x yourself
  • Use gloves for cleaning and moisturize hands to avoid excessive drying
  • Protect the nails from bumps, impacts, and don’t file them excessively thin
  • See your manicurist right away if you notice lifting or damage

Book regular fill appointments every 2-3 weeks. And be patient as your nails grow out to avoid breakage or peeling. With proper care between appointments, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful gel x or polygel nails for weeks on end!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a gel x or polygel manicure last?

With proper application and home care, a gel x or polygel manicure can last 2-3 weeks on average before needing filled. Some factors like your nail growth rate can shorten or extend this timeframe.

What’s better for weak or damaged nails?

Either gel x or polygel can work for weak or damaged nails, as they reinforce the nail and allow it to grow out. Polygel requires a bit more filing so gel x may be gentler. Discuss any nail concerns with your manicurist.

Can I do gel x or polygel at home?

It is possible to apply gel x or polygel nail extensions at home with some practice. However, it’s best left to professionals to ensure proper application and removal. Going to a salon prevents nail damage and allows you to relax!

How do I remove gel x or polygel safely?

Never peel off gel x or polygel yourself! This can rip off layers of your nail. Instead, have them safely soaked off by your manicurist. The products are formulated to dissolve with professional removers and acetone.

Can I get gel x and polygel as overlays or tips?

Yes, both gel x and polygel can be applied as overlays on your natural nail or on nail tips for length. Let your manicurist know if you prefer overlay or nails tips at your appointment.

Achieve Stunning Nails with Gel X or Polygel

As a manicurist, I recommend gel x or polygel nail extensions to anyone looking for durable, long-lasting nails. While polygel is stronger and allows for more customization, gel x is more budget-friendly and faster to apply. Assess your individual needs and lifestyle to decide which option is right for you. With either one, you’ll have gorgeous, head-turning nails!

Want more nail care tips and ideas? Check out the Villa Nails blog for more inside advice from experts.

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