How Much Do You Tip for Microblading?

Microblading has become an increasingly popular semi-permanent makeup technique for enhancing and filling in brows. As with many beauty services that require skilled work by a technician, a common question is whether tipping is standard, expected, or even necessary. Here’s a breakdown of tips on tipping etiquette for microblading.

Microblading Price

Microblading Price

Microblading utilizes a handheld tool with ultra fine needles to deposit pigment into the upper layers of skin. This creates the look of individual brow hairs to create a natural, full brow shape. The results typically last between 1-3 years before needing a touch up.

Getting microblading done is an investment, with the average cost ranging from $500-$1000. The process requires precision and skill to get the shape and color customized to each client. So in addition to paying this hefty price tag, should you also plan to leave a tip?

Do You Need to Tip for Microblading?

Tipping for microblading is not necessarily expected or required, as many technicians set prices with the understanding of earning a fair wage already. However, tipping is certainly appreciated as a sign of gratitude for exceptional service.

Is Tipping Standard Practice?

Tipping practices can vary based on geographic location and service industry. In general most beauty services that require skilled expertise, like microblading, appreciate but do not expect tips. Ultimately whether you tip is entirely based on each client’s satisfaction and means.

Many microblading studios have tipping guidelines and even provide tip envelopes or have electronic tipping options. However, there is no strict obligation to tip if you feel you have paid fair pricing for the service already.

Benefits of Tipping for Microblading

Here are some perks tipping can bring:

  • Shows appreciation for great work
  • Can secure priority bookings for touch ups
  • Leads to exceptional service during process
  • Technician may provide additional numbing, less pressure

Keep in mind each studio and technician may have different policies regarding how tips are distributed. Some share tips among all staff while others allow techs to keep individual tips.

Downsides of Not Tipping

You may not experience any downsides if you do not tip after getting microbladed. Reputable technicians provide the same level of service to all clients.

However, failing to tip has a few potential cons:

  • Technician may feel under appreciated for labor and skill
  • Could get less personalized service for future touch ups
  • May not get first choice for ideal appointment times

Again, a quality microblading professional will not change service quality based on tips. But showing some generosity can go a long way in getting that VIP treatment.

Do You Need to Tip for Microblading?

How Much Do You Tip for Microblading?

Typical tip amounts vary anywhere from 10-20% of the total cost or a fixed tip of $20-$50. Consider these factors when deciding how much to tip:

Tip Based on Your Overall Budget

Ideally tip around 15-20% of your total microblading cost if it fits reasonably within your budget. But tip only an amount you feel comfortable with even if on lower end. Some tip is better than none if funds are limited.

Tip Based on Results & Technician Care

The tip amount can reflect your satisfaction with the entire experience – from consult to final reveal. Consider tipping 20%+ for exceptional results and service that exceeds expectations. A lower 10% tip would be appropriate for adequate but unexceptional work.

Of course if you felt discomfort, poor communication or are unhappy with the brows, you have the right not to tip at all. Give tips based on the value you feel you received.

Standard Tip Amounts

These tip amounts for microblading fall within general guidelines:

  • Outstanding Service: 20-25% or $50+
  • Good Quality Work: 15-20% or $20-$40
  • Average Work: 10-15% or under $20
  • Unsatisfactory: No tip required

Keeping these tipping benchmarks in mind can help guide your decision on an appropriate amount.

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Microblading Technicians’ Earnings

One thing clients wonder is whether failing to tip significantly impacts a technician’s compensation. On the whole microblading is considered a potentially lucrative career, but individual earnings range widely.

Microblading Technicians' Earnings

Here is some insight into average microblading tech pay and how tips factor in:

Hourly Wages & Commission

Many techs either get paid hourly or receive commission on service costs. Hourly wages start around $25 per hour ranging up to $60+ per hour. Commission structures average around 50% of each service price.

So on a $500 microblading service, around $250 would go to the technician. Tips can provide a nice earnings boost but may not make up bulk of their income.

Income After Expenses

Technicians also incur expenses for equipment, materials, licensing and taxes. So out of yearly earnings, technicians may take home $55k on the very high end but could earn below $30k on average.

For newer techs, tips could represent 10-20%+ of take home pay. For seasoned, busy technicians tips likely make up a smaller but still meaningful proportion of overall earnings.

Tips Appreciated to Recognize Skill

Keep in mind technicians have invested significant time and money for training and building expertise. So while tips may not determine livelihood, showing monetary appreciation is a nice bonus.

For exceptional technicians a good tip also means validation for delivering five-star service worth the investment for clients.

When to Tip

Knowing when to tip comes down to studio policy and personal preference on best time. Here are common tipping times for microblading services:

Tip After Initial Session

Some studios encourage tipping after the initial session when the brows are first done. Clients can evaluate the technician’s work and tip accordingly.

Then additional tipping is optional if the client returns for any touch ups later.

But not seeing the fully healed results could mean gauging the work inaccurately. Uneven healing or minor issues popping up later would mean the tip didn’t accurately reflect the ultimate outcome.

Tip After Follow Up Appointments

Many clients prefer to tip only after their last touch up session. This allows tipping based on the fully healed brows. Getting 1-2 touch ups is common for best results.

Tip at the conclusion when you can assess the entire microblading experience – great customer service, communication, adjustments made until brows reached desired look.

No pressure to tip twice, but some clients choose to tip a smaller amount after initial session just to show good will. Then they tip additionally at last session if highly satisfied with brows.

Tip Whenever It Feels Right

Ultimately you should tip when the time feels right according to your preferences. There are no hard rules.

Some clients come prepared with tip envelopes ready on the first appointment. Others tip digitally after leaving positive online reviews during healing process.

Consider studio tipping guidance, but don’t feel overly pressured by formal policies. Tipping is always at each client’s discretion.

Alternatives to Monetary Tips

Alternatives to Monetary Tips

Cash tips are customary for microblading, but monetary tips are not the only way to show appreciation. Consider these creative non-cash tips if you want to show gratitude without spending more:

Write a Quality Online Review

Positive online reviews like Google, Yelp or Facebook are hugely valuable for any cosmetic technician building a clientele. Take the time to highlight your experience on rating sites like Yelp or Google. Be sure to call out your technician by name.

Even better – tag them if the studio is active on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Public compliments can help generate referrals.

Give Small Gifts

Think of a small token of appreciation that aligns with your technician’s interests or background. One idea is bringing food gifts if your culture has special treats. Or give a $5-10 gift card to a local coffee shop.

Refer Friends for Discounts

Check if your technician offers referral rewards programs. You can score discounts on touch ups by referring new clients. Plus your referrals earn savings too. Refer friends instead of tipping.

Write a Thank You Note

A handwritten card can sometimes mean more than cash. Express your gratitude by taking a few minutes to share how much you love your brows. Share a photo of your new look when you pass along the note too.


Microblading requires specialized skill and customization to achieve naturally fuller brows. While tipping etiquette varies by studio, tipping anywhere from 10-20% is fairly standard for good service. Technicians earn an adequate living from service costs, but gracious tips are always welcomed. Beyond monetary tips, things like positive reviews, small gifts or referral rewards can also show your appreciation.

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