20 Gorgeous Medium Coffin Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Mani

Medium Coffin Nail Designs: Coffin-shaped nails are having a major moment, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating them! If you love a longer nail but want something more wearable than extra long talons, a medium coffin is the perfect choice.

I’ll share 20 of my favorite coffin nail ideas from chic to colorful to spicy. Read on for styles that will make you book your next manicure stat!

Medium Coffin Nail Designs

1. Classic Pink Coffin Nails

You really can’t go wrong with a classic long pink manicure. The pretty pink elongates the fingers and looks great on any skin tone. I recommend a deeper rose or nude pink for the most versatility.

The glossy finish gives off instant glam vibes. For an everyday look, keep coffin nails long but not too drastic. This style always looks put-together.

If you got olive skin tones, don’t miss out these nail colors.

2. White and Pale Pink Accent Nail

A white mani gains extra dimension by adding a shimmery accent nail. Paint all but one nail a clean white. Then make the accent nail a pale iridescent pink with a glitter topper.

I love how the sparkly pink pops against the white. It’s a simple yet unique way to jazz up a French manicure. The light colors work for any season too.

3. Silver French Tip Medium Coffins

Put a creative twist on the French manicure by using chrome or silver tips instead of white. Paint your base color black, blue or nude, then add straight French tips in metallic silver.

The chrome coffin shape makes this edgy instead of expected. For added drama, adhere jewels along the cuticle line or tips. This mani design really stands out.

4. Red and White Heart Coffins

If you’re a sucker for sweet details, this one’s for you. Paint coffins in your choice of reds – I love deeper burgundies and wines. Add mini white hearts along the lower half of several nails.

The hearts inject subtle cuteness into the longer coffin shape. It keeps the look romantic versus vampy. Use different polish finishes like creams and satins for added dimension.

5. Black and Gold Glitter Coffin Nails

Make a statement with glossy black coffin nails decorated with gold glitter. Paint most nails in classic black, adding clusters of chunky gold glitter to accent nails.

The glitter pops against the dark backdrop, creating lots of eye-catching contrast. I recommend saving this spicy look for night outs or events where you can really show off.

6. Matte Black Medium Coffin Nails

If you want something dark and moody, matte black coffin nails are just the thing. The matte texture makes black feel unexpected and modern.

I love this alternative to glossy black for an edgier vibe – it looks so sleek. Keep the shape symmetrical for a clean look. Matte black works for any occasion.

7. Nude Rhinestone Coffin Nails

Blinged out nails are perfect for formal events or when you want to feel extra glam. Paint medium coffins in a nude shade. Accent with mini clear rhinestones scattered along the lower half of the nail.

The rhinestones dress up the neutral nude color with some shine. Concentrate them more heavily on accent nails for added sparkle. This works beautifully for weddings or date nights.

8. Ombre Color Melt Coffin Nails

Ombre nails may be trendy, but they’re timeless too. Paint coffins starting dark at the cuticle and blending down to light at the tip. Do the reverse ombre starting light at the base too.

Ombre coffin nails look mesmerizing on longer nail beds. And you can use any color combo – try turquoise fading to blue or vampy red to pink. The blend effect is so dreamy.

9. Marble Coffin Nails

Marble nail art gives the look of natural stone and texture. Paint base coats in similar tones like beige and brown. Then use a dotting tool to dot on contrast polishes like black, gold, or teal.

Drag the dotting tool through the polishes before drying to create the marbled streaks. The stone-like effect elevates simple colors into something luxe. Marble is a detail that instantly pulls any manicure together.

10. Geometric Coffin Nails

If you like graphic, high contrast designs, geometric coffin nails are for you. Paint alternating nails with two bold polishes, keeping the colors and shapes angular.

Use triangles, zig zags, color blocking or abstract shapes. The rigid geometric shapes contrast beautifully with the smooth coffin nail tips for visual interest.

11. Confetti Glitter Coffin Nails

What better way to celebrate a birthday or milestone than with confetti nails? Paint medium coffins in your color choice, then add random dots of different colored glitter.

The glitter looks like confetti strewn on the nail, delivering a festive effect. Try chunky square or circle glitters layered over creams. This mani design is perfect for parties!

12. Abstract Coffin Nails

Abstract floral and geometric shapes create cool textured dimension on coffin nails. Use two related colors and paint freehand squiggles, circles, zigzags and florals.

Ask your manicurist for a softer blend – you want the shapes to integrate, not starkly contrast. Abstract coffin nails are artsy and unique for nail art lovers.

13. 80’s Swirl Coffin Nails

Do you love a good throwback? Embrace the 80’s with these swirly ombre coffin nails. Paint a neutral base like beige, grey or tan. Then use a detail brush to add bright swirls in pink, teal or purple.

Keep the swirls imperfect with trailing edges for a retro tie-dye effect. This mani instantly elicits 80’s vibes – so fun and nostalgic!


14. Ombre V-Tip Coffin Nails

If you can’t choose between ombre and V-shaped tips, do both! Paint coffin nails with angled French tips starting light at the ends and dark near the cuticles.

The ombre V-tip combo maximizes the long shape of the nails. And you can use any colors – try bright summer shades or deeper tones for drama. The contrast effect is so stylish.

15. Pink Dior-Inspired Coffins

Channel luxury designer vibes with these blush pink coffin nails accented in gold. Opt for a shimmery nude-pink polish with hints of gold flecks layered over top.

Paint alternating nails with the pink polish and a mirrored gold chrome. The opposing shades have serious high-fashion elegance.

16. Brown and Leopard Coffin Nails

Unleash your wild side with brown and leopard print coffin nails. Paint alternating nails in a rich chocolate brown cream. Then use black and taupe polishes to hand paint leopard spots on the brown nails.

The contrasting prints look chic, not over-the-top. To balance the drama, keep the coffin shape clean and symmetrical. This mani slays for date nights out.

17. White and Nude Butterfly Sticker Coffins

Pretty accent stickers dress up a classic French manicure. Paint most nails in a glossy nude or blush tone. Add length with medium coffin shaping.

Accent with white tips, then place small butterfly stickers along the tips and lower nail near the cuticles for sweetness. The 3D effect is delicate and charming.

18. Gemstone Purple Coffin Nails

Jewel tones instantly captivate – and purple is no exception for fall. Paint medium length coffins in an eggplant or lilac cream. Accent with mini gemstones.

Keep the gems petite and scattered for delicate embellishment. The gems could be clear, silver, or amethyst for extra color pop. This manicure feels royal and elegant.

19. Pink Multi-Design Coffin Nails

If you embrace “more is more” style, try this multi-motif nail idea. Paint long pink coffin nails as the base. Add designs like polka dots, hearts, and abstract shapes atop different nails.

The mix-and-match patterns keep things visually interesting. Use multiple colored polishes, glitters, rhinestones, or art pens to create the details. It’s a fun, artsy way to decorate statement coffins.

20. Neon Rainbow Chrome Coffins

Go bold or go home with these electric neon chromes! Paint each nail a different neon shade like yellow, green, pink, blue, etc. Top with a chrome powder for mirror effect.

The ultra glossy chromes intensify the neon colors even more. This sci-fi mani design makes a huge statement for festivals or nights out. It’s not for the faint of heart!


With so many gorgeous ways to decorate them, medium coffin nails are the perfect canvas to showcase your personal style. Whether you love classics like nudes and pinks or want to unleash your artsy side with patterns and details, coffin shapes allow you to go bold with length while keeping your mani wearable.

I hope these 20 coffin nail ideas have sparked inspiration for your next fabulous manicure! Express your personality through creative colors and designs that make your nails pop.

Want more nail art inspo? Peruse the Villa Nails blog for tips, trend reports, and designs that will give you major manicure motivation. Get ready to flaunt eye-catching coffin nails!

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