50 Royal Blue Nails With Diamonds Ideas For 2024

Royal blue nails are such a gorgeous, eye-catching color for manicures. And pairing the regal hue with sparkling diamonds takes the style to dazzling new heights!

Here are over 50 stunning ways to wear royal blue nail polish with diamonds. From glossy solids to bold prints, short nails to long stilettos, keep reading for major nail inspo to try this season!

Royal Blue Nails With Rhinestones

50 Royal Blue Nails With Diamonds Ideas For 2024

What better way to make royal blue nails shine than adding light-catching rhinestones?

Start with a rich royal blue creme polish as the base. Once dry, use a toothpick and nail glue to dot clear, iridescent diamonds along the cuticle and free edge. The gems catch the light beautifully against the dark lacquer.

For accent nails, coat just the ring fingers in royal blue and bling out with rows of rhinestones. So elegant yet eye-catching!

Marble Blue Nails With Gold Leaf

Marbling royal blue with lighter blues and whites creates a stylish abstract print. Gold leaf accent nails take it to regal new heights!

Paint your nails a mix of royal, sky and white blue polishes. Use a toothpick to swirl and blend the shades into a marbled pattern. Once dry, apply gold leaf flakes to the accent fingernails for a luxe contrast.

The metallic gold against the marbled blues is so lush and sophisticated. It’s perfect for formal events or making a posh fashion statement!

Marble Blue Nails With Gold Leaf

Royal Blue French Tip Nails

A vibrant royal blue French manicure puts a fun spin on this classic look. Adding rhinestone accents along the tips dresses it up.

Paint your nail tips royal blue leaving half the nail bed bare. While the tips are still wet, seal tiny clear rhinestones into the blue polish along the edges.

The sparkling gems accentuate the line contrast beautifully. This embellished French style works for any occasion requiring a little extra glam!

Royal Blue French Tip Nails

Blue Ombre Nails With Crystals

Ombre nails are a hot trend that gives great dimension. Take royal blue ombre to the next level with opulent crystal drips.

Paint in royal blue starting heavy at the cuticle and dragging lighter to the tips. As the polish fades towards the end, use tweezers to place small clear Swarovski crystals so they cascade down the ombre like rain drops.

The glimmering crystals over the faded blue is so eye-catching! This makes a perfect mani for engagement photos, weddings or romantic date nights.

50 Royal Blue Nails With Diamonds Ideas For 2024

Short Royal Blue Nails With Stars

Just because nails are short doesn’t mean you have to skimp on glitz! Tiny silver or gold star studs turn short royal blue nails into a showstopper.

Paint on two coats of rich royal blue polish on shortened nails. While still wet, carefully place little metallic star studs randomly across the nails. The stars sparkle against the dark lacquer.

For festive nails, use gold stars. Silver stars evoke an edgy night sky vibe. This mani turns any little black dress into the belle of the ball!

Short Royal Blue Nails With Stars

Royal Blue Coffin Nails With Glitter Tips

For longer statement nails, royal blue coffin-shaped tips with glitter are luxuriously eye-catching. The glitter fade is simple to DIY too!

Start by painting sleek royal blue coffin-shaped nails. With a makeup sponge, lightly dab silver or iridescent glitter polish across the free edges to create a glitter fade overlay.

The glitter gradient against the solid blue coffin background is so mesmerizing! It’s great for weddings, parties, or anytime you want to glam up your look with dazzling nails.

Royal Blue Coffin Nails With Glitter Tips

Abstract Blue Nails With Rhinestones

Like abstract art for your nails, this artsy sponged blue design with gem accents is edgy and glam!

Start with a base layer of royal blue polish. While still wet, use a makeup sponge to dab on white, silver, and light blue shades in abstract patterns.

Once dry, use gems of various sizes and shapes to accent different fingers for lots of visual interest. The textures and colors make every nail unique. Wear this mani when you want torock an avant garde style!

Abstract Blue Nails With Rhinestones

Almond Blue Nails With Diamonds

Long almond-shaped royal blue nails embellished with lines of diamonds emanate natural elegance. The glitz accentuates the graceful shape.

Paint lengthy almond nails in a creamy royal blue hue. Use tweezers and nail glue to precisely place rows of small diamonds along the apex line of the almond shape on each nail.

The diamond rows follow the curve flawlessly while adding just the right amount of shine. This mani shape and sparkle combo conveys understated glamour.

Almond Blue Nails With Diamonds

Negative Space Royal Blue Nails

Negative space nail art helps royal blue polish really pop! Add rhinestone clusters within the cutout shapes to amp up the shine.

Start by painting a clear coat on bare nails. Once dry, use tape to mask off geometric or abstract cutout shapes. Paint nails royal blue over the tape.

Remove the tape and fill in the empty cutout spaces with dazzling clear or rainbow rhinestones. The glittering jewels stand out vividly against the blue.

Negative Space Royal Blue Nails

Royal Blue Chrome Nails

Chrome powder takes any nail color to futuristic levels. These mirror-like royal blue chrome nails edged in diamonds are mesmerizing!

Start with a rich royal blue base. Apply chrome powder while the polish is still tacky and top coat to seal it in. Use small diamonds to accent the tips.

As light hits the nails, the chrome reflects and morphs the blue into an electric, mirror-like sheen. The dazzling diamonds accent the unique galactic finish beautifully!

Royal Blue Chrome Nails

Royal Blue Nails With Gold Leaf

Matte textures look incredibly posh in deep shades like royal blue. Layering metallic gold leaf over top elevates the style even further.

Paint nails in a rich matte royal blue polish. While still sticky, use small tweezers to gently place thin gold leaf foil across the nail surface.

The gold leaf adds a striking crackled effect over the matte blue base. The contrasting textures create dimension and interest for an ultra glam look!

Royal Blue Nails With Gold Leaf

Glittering Holographic Royal Blue Nails

Add mesmerizing depth to royal blue nails by layering on a holographic glitter topcoat. The multidimensional glitter reflects light, creating a dazzling, prismatic effect.

Elegant Rhinestone-Trimmed Stiletto Royal Blues

Make a glamorous statement with sharp stiletto nails in royal blue. Use clear or iridescent diamonds to accent the tips, lined up precisely to highlight the fierce stiletto shape.

Vibrant Floral Royal Blues With Shimmering Rhinestone Centers

Breathe life into royal blue nails with brightly-colored floral nail art. Paint on intricate flower designs and fill in the centers with diamond or crystal rhinestones for added elegance.

Angular Geometric Royal Blues With Strategic Crystal Accents

For a modern, high-fashion look, create graphic angular shapes on rich royal blue nails. Strategically place clear or colored crystal rhinestones within the geometric designs.

Timeless Vintage Royal Blues With Dainty Pearl Accents

Channel classic vintage style with a demure royal blue manicure dressed up with delicate pearls. Glue miniature pearls along the tips or in flower shapes for a sophisticated retro-chic look.

Galaxial Ombre Royal Blues With Shooting Star Glitter

Reach for the stars with an ombre fade from deep royal blue at the cuticles to clear glittery tips. The transitional glitter scattered over the gradient mimics cosmic shooting stars.

Mystical Royal Blues With Crescent Moons and Celestial Star Dust

Paint a crescent moon on your ring finger atop the royal blue base and dust the other nails with silver and gold star glitter. This celestial design conjures a mysterious, magical galaxy on your nails.

Textured Royal Blues With Gilded Foil Accents

Start with a textured royal blue polish like crackle, matte, or velvet. While still wet, apply golden foil over the surface for a gilded accent. The contrasting textures create depth.

Coastal Chic Royal Blues With Nautical Charms

Tap into ocean vibes with anchors, shells, waves, or stripes over a royal blue base. Use pearls or rhinestones to represent glistening sea foam. This mani channels laid-back nautical style.

Cateye Royal Blues With Gem Shards

Paint a cat eye from light to royal blue and embellish with gem-colored shards that match the gradient shades. The opalescent gems transition seamlessly through the fade.

Crisp Royal Blues With Gilded Anchor Stripes

Alternate classic royal blue and white stripes for a nautical twist. Use gold leaf to paint on anchors at the base of your nails for a touch of marine flair.

Dynamic Gradient Royal Blues With Metallic Vine Accents

Create dimension with a gradient fade of royal blue hues, from light at the cuticles to dark at the tips. Use gold or silver leaf to accent with metallic vine detailing.

Exotic Tribal Royal Blues With Jeweled Adornments

Paint tribal patterns like arrows, chevrons, or geometric shapes over the royal blue base. Embellish the tribal designs with jewel-toned cubic zirconia or crystal accents.

Whimsical 3D Floral Royal Blues

Craft realistic floral nail art with gel or acrylic and customize each nail with a different delicate botanical. Accent with clear or opalescent stones at the flower centers for sparkle.

Bewitching Lacy Royal Blues With Opalescent Accents

Use metallic lace-look nail vinyls to create an overlay of shiny lace across dark royal blue nails. Accent with iridescent glitter or crushed opal dust along the lace edges.

Hypnotic Geode Royal Blues With Brilliant Crystalline Effects

Paint jagged, circular geode shapes over the royal blue base using shimmering multi-chrome polishes. Outline the geodes and fill in cracks with silver or gold leaf for a mesmerizing finish.


Whimsical Swirl-Embellished Royal Blues

Make freeform swirl designs in light blue over the darker royal background. As you swirl, gently adhere opalescent diamonds along the curves using a toothpick for dazzling accents.

Zodiac-Inspired Royal Blues With Constellation Accents

Paint your favorite constellations against a galaxy-esque gradient royal blue ombre background. Dot with micro rhinestone or glitter “stars” to complete the celestial picture.

Lavish Velvet Royal Blues With Gilded Trim

Apply a layer of luxurious velvet-finish tinted gel over royal blue nails for sumptuous texture. Adhere gold leaf around the tips for gilded embellishment.

Majestic Royal Blues With Ornate Rhinestone and Pearl Drips

Glue rows of pearls, crystals, and other ornate jewels along the tips to create elegantly bejeweled drips cascading down the nails. This regal design captivates with luxury details.

DIY Royal Blue Nails With Diamonds

Glittering diamonds take classic royal blue nails to dazzling new heights. Here’s how to recreate this elegant manicure at home:

Step 1: Royal Blue Base Coat

  • Start with clean, dry nails shaped into your preferred length
  • Apply a ridge-filling base coat for a smooth surface
  • Paint on 2-3 thin coats of a rich royal blue creme polish
  • Let dry fully before embellishing

Step 2: Adhere Diamonds

  • Use a toothpick and strong nail glue suitable for gems
  • Dot mini clear or iridescent diamonds evenly across nails near cuticles
  • Add another row of diamonds closer to the free edge
  • Apply gems along accent nails only for a more focused look

Step 3: Seal and Finish

  • Allow glue to cure completely beneath diamonds, around 60 seconds
  • Seal in gems with a fast-drying top coat
  • Finish by massaging cuticle oil into nails and skin


In conclusion, these 50 royal blue nails with diamonds ideas for 2023 offer an array of creative and captivating nail art options to elevate your style. From rhinestones to pearls, geometric designs to celestial themes, there’s a royal blue nail look for every occasion and personal taste.

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