What To Use If You Don’t Have Eyelash Glue?

What To Use If You Don’t Have Eyelash Glue? Ever been all dolled up and ready to finish off your look with some fabulous false lashes, only to discover you’ve run out of eyelash glue? No worries! I’m here to share a few handy alternatives that can rescue you from this sticky situation. Let’s find out what you can use when eyelash glue is off the table!

What To Use If You Don't Have Eyelash Glue

What To Use If You Don’t Have Eyelash Glue?

If you find yourself without eyelash glue, you have several alternatives to consider for attaching your false lashes. Here are some options:

Magnetic Eyelashes

A hassle-free option that doesn’t require any adhesive. These can be very effective and may last throughout the day if applied correctly. The magnetic strips hold the lashes in place without any adhesive, and their staying power is quite strong, although they may shift if not positioned properly or if they come into contact with metal objects.

Eyelash Adhesive Tape

This is a specialized double-sided tape for applying false lashes. It’s clear and can be trimmed to the desired length, ensuring a clean application. This tape is quite effective and can last for several hours. Its hold isn’t as strong as traditional eyelash glue, so it may not withstand vigorous activities or very long wear times. However, for an event or short-term use, it can be a reliable alternative.

Eyelash Adhesive Strips

Similar to the tape, these are pre-cut adhesive strips that you can apply directly to the lash band. These pre-cut strips offer convenience and a hold that can last for an entire evening. They are less messy than traditional glue and can be a good quick fix for temporary wear. They are available at beauty supply outlets and online.

Household Items (Honey, Vaseline)

These are not recommended as they can easily slide and don’t offer a firm hold. They could last a very short period, such as an hour or less, and there’s a high risk of them giving way, causing the lashes to fall off. Moreover, they can be unsafe and cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Clear Nail Polish

Some people might suggest using clear nail polish due to its adhesive properties. However, it’s critical to note that this is not safe for use around the eyes and can be extremely harmful.

Popular Eyelash Adhesive Alternatives Recommended by Users

In the beauty community, there is often discussion about innovative or makeshift ways to adhere false eyelashes in the absence of traditional eyelash glue. Some users recommend the following methods:

  1. Volumizing Mascara: While mascara won’t secure false lashes, some people attempt to use a volumizing mascara to coat their natural lashes before pressing the false lashes onto them. The idea is that the tackiness of the mascara can offer some adherence. However, this method generally only provides a very temporary bond and is not comparable to the hold eyelash glue provides.
  2. Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner is sometimes used to blend the lash band of the false lashes with the natural lash line. While this can create a seamless look, eyeliner does not have adhesive properties and won’t secure the lashes for long periods. It is not an effective adhesive alternative.
  3. Mascara Adhesive: This term might be a confusion with fiber mascaras that contain adhesive properties to hold fibers in place. Some people might mistakenly believe that this adhesive quality can be used to hold false lashes. However, these are not designed for the weight and hold required to keep false lashes in place, and they don’t provide a reliable or safe alternative to eyelash glue.

These methods are often cited in beauty hacks or tips shared online or by word of mouth, but they lack the efficacy and staying power of eyelash glue. Additionally, they could pose risks to eye health and the longevity of the false lashes themselves. It’s essential to approach these recommendations with caution and to prioritize eye safety above all else.

Easiest Ways to Wear Lashes Without Glue

Insider Beauty highlights four effortless methods that will have you batting your lashes in no time:

  1. Ardell Aqua Lashes: This innovative product simplifies the process immensely. All you need to do is dip the lashes in water, and the water-activated band becomes adhesive, ready to adhere to your lash line seamlessly.
  2. Kiss Lash Glue Liner: Combining the precision of eyeliner with the adhesive properties of lash glue, this two-in-one product allows you to draw a line of eyeliner where you’d typically place lash glue. Immediately after, you can position your false lashes on top for a secure hold.
  3. Pre-Glued Lashes: For those who want to skip the fuss entirely, pre-glued lashes are the way to go. These come with a pre-applied adhesive strip that sticks to your lash line, meaning there’s no separate glue required at all.
  4. Glamnetic Colored Magnetic Felt Tip Liner: Add a pop of color and convenience to your lash routine with Glamnetic’s magnetic liners. Draw on your liner as usual, and the magnetic lashes will cling onto the liner with ease, giving you a hold that’s not only strong but also stylish.

How to Make Eyelash Glue at Home?

How to Make Eyelash Glue at Home?

You can easily find many methods for making eyelash glue at home. However, creating eyelash glue at home is not recommended. Commercial eyelash adhesives are specially formulated with ingredients that are safe for use around the eyes and can provide the necessary long-lasting hold for false lashes. Homemade adhesives may lack these properties and could pose significant risks to your eye health, including allergic reactions, infections, or damage to your natural lashes.

It’s important to note that the FDA regulates eye cosmetics and their adhesives, and they recommend using only FDA-approved adhesives for attaching false eyelashes. These products have been tested for safety and are deemed appropriate for use near the sensitive eye area.


Can You Use Hair Gel As Eyelash Glue?

No, you should not use hair gel as eyelash glue. Hair gel is not formulated for use on the sensitive skin around the eyes and does not have the same adhesive properties as eyelash glue. Using hair gel can lead to eye irritation, allergic reactions, and it will not provide a secure hold for false eyelashes. Always use products intended for use with eyelash extensions to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Can I use School Glue For Fake Eyelashes?

No, you should not use school glue for fake eyelashes. School glue is not designed for use on skin, especially not the delicate area around the eyes. It can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and it does not have the proper consistency or lasting power for eyelash application. It’s important to use adhesive specifically formulated for eyelash extensions to avoid any harm or discomfort.

Can I Use Eyeliner As Lash Glue?

No, eyeliner should not be used as lash glue. Eyeliner does not have the adhesive properties required to securely attach false lashes, and using it as a substitute for lash glue will not provide a reliable hold. For best results and to ensure the safety of your eyes, it’s important to use a proper eyelash adhesive.


In wrapping up, while there are a handful of alternatives that might step in for eyelash glue in a pinch, nothing beats the security and ease of magnetic eyelashes. Not only do they sidestep the need for any adhesive whatsoever, but they’re also a breeze to apply and remove—no mess, no fuss, and no worrying about whether they’ll stay put. So, if you’re looking to ditch the glue and still rock a stunning lash look, magnetic eyelashes are definitely the way to go. Trust me, once you try them, you might never go back to traditional falsies again!

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