Which Is More Damaging To Nails, A Gel X Manicure Or A Regular Gel Manicure?

Which Is More Damaging To Nails, A Gel X Manicure Or A Regular Gel Manicure? Both types of manicures offer long-lasting, chip-resistant results and a glossy finish that nail enthusiasts adore. However, it is essential to understand the nuances and potential risks associated with each method. In this article, we will delve into the comparison between Gel X manicures and regular gel manicures, exploring their application processes, removal techniques, and the potential impact on nail health. By examining these factors, we aim to provide clarity and guidance to help individuals make informed decisions about their nail care routine.

Which Is More Damaging To Nails, A Gel X Manicure Or A Regular Gel Manicure?

Gel X Manicure

Regular Gel Manicure

Nail ExtensionsThe use of nail extensions can add weight and stress to the natural nails, potentially causing weakening or breakage.No nail extensions are used in regular gel manicures.
Application ProcessInvolves applying pre-formed gel nail extensions onto the natural nails.Involves applying gel polish directly to the natural nails.
Removal ProcessRequires soaking the nails to remove gel extensions, which can sometimes lead to trauma or damage to the natural nails if not done correctly.Requires soaking the nails to remove gel polish, which can dehydrate the nails and make them prone to dryness and brittleness if not properly moisturized.
Potential RisksMisalignment, air bubbles, or lifting of extensions can occur if not applied correctly, leading to damage.Overexposure to UV or LED lamps during the curing process can increase the risk of skin damage. Over-filing or excessive buffing of the natural nails can weaken the nail plate.
Precautions for Healthy NailsChoosing a reputable salon, taking occasional breaks between manicures, using nail strengtheners, and moisturizing regularly.Choosing a reputable salon, following proper removal techniques, using nail strengtheners, and moisturizing regularly.

So,  the potential for damage to nails from either a Gel X manicure or a regular gel manicure largely depends on the skill and techniques of the nail technician.

A Gel X Manicure

Nail Extensions and Potential Damage

The use of nail extensions in Gel X manicures can contribute to potential damage to the natural nails. The additional weight and stress caused by the extensions can weaken the nail bed, making the nails more susceptible to breakage and damage.

If the extensions are not applied properly or are too heavy for the natural nails to support, it can lead to nail thinning, brittleness, or even nail plate separation. It is crucial to ensure that the extensions are correctly sized, properly adhered, and not excessively long to minimize the risk of damage.

Which Is More Damaging To Nails, A Gel X Manicure Or A Regular Gel Manicure

Application Process and Potential Damage

The application process of Gel X manicures, if done incorrectly, can potentially cause damage to the natural nails. Misalignment, air bubbles, or lifting of the extensions can occur if the technician is not skilled or if proper preparation and application steps are not followed.

These issues can weaken the bond between the extensions and the natural nails, leading to premature lifting or detachment. When the extensions are not securely attached, it can create an entry point for water, dirt, or bacteria, increasing the risk of infection or damage to the nails.

Removal Process and Potential Damage

Improper removal techniques during Gel X manicure removal can result in damage to the natural nails. The extensions need to be soaked in acetone or a gel polish remover to loosen the adhesive. If the soaking time is insufficient, or if excessive force is applied to remove the extensions, it can cause trauma to the nail bed.

Aggressive scraping or picking at the extensions can lead to nail thinning, peeling, or even lifting of the natural nail layers. It is essential to follow the recommended removal process and seek professional assistance if needed to minimize the risk of damage during the removal of Gel X manicures.

A Regular Gel Manicure

Dehydration and Potential Nail Damage

Dehydration and Potential Nail Damage

Regular gel manicures can dehydrate the nails during the removal process if proper precautions are not taken. The use of acetone or gel polish removers can strip the nails of moisture, leaving them dry, brittle, and prone to damage.

Dehydrated nails are more susceptible to cracking, splitting, and peeling, which can lead to weakened and damaged nail beds. It is important to counteract this potential damage by regularly moisturizing the nails and cuticles with nourishing oils or creams to maintain their health and flexibility.

UV/LED Lamp Exposure and Potential Nail Damage

The use of UV or LED lamps during the curing process in regular gel manicures can potentially pose a risk to the nails. Prolonged or repeated exposure to UV radiation can damage the skin surrounding the nails and increase the risk of premature aging or even skin cancer.

It is important to protect the surrounding skin by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen or using fingerless UV-protective gloves during the curing process.

Additionally, overexposure to UV or LED lamps can cause nail plate thinning and weakening, making the nails more prone to damage and breakage. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lamp usage and to avoid excessive exposure.


Is Gel X manicure healthier for your nails compared to regular gel manicure?

Gel X manicure may not be healthier for your nails compared to regular gel manicure due to the use of extensions and potential risks associated with their application and removal.

Do Gel X nails cause significant damage to your natural nails?

Gel X nails have the potential to cause damage to your natural nails if not applied or removed correctly, emphasizing the importance of proper techniques and precautions.

Is Gel X manicure less damaging than regular gel manicure?

The damage potential of Gel X manicure versus regular gel manicure can vary depending on factors such as application, maintenance, and removal techniques. Both have the potential to cause damage if not properly handled.

What is the healthiest option for your nails?

The healthiest option for your nails is often considered to be natural nails, without the use of extensions or enhancements. Regular care, moisturizing, and avoiding excessive exposure to chemicals and harsh treatments can help maintain healthy nails.


In conclusion, the debate regarding which manicure option, Gel X or regular gel, is more damaging to the nails does not have a straightforward answer. Both types have their potential risks and require proper application, maintenance, and removal techniques to minimize damage.

To make the best decision for your nail health, it is important to prioritize proper nail care, consult with a professional nail technician, and stay informed about the latest techniques and best practices. For more tips and insights, we invite you to explore the Villa Nail Salon blog, where you can find valuable resources to guide you in maintaining healthy and beautiful nails.

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