Why Is My Toenail Crooked?

Why is my toenail crooked? The twist and turn of your once straight nail can leave you puzzled. But fear not! From ingrown toenails to nail fungus, tight shoes to genetics, and age-related changes, there’s a multitude of reasons behind it. In this article, we’ll explore the mystery, uncover the causes, and reveal how to straighten things out. Get ready to solve the conundrum of your crooked toenail!

Why is my toenail crooked?

If you’ve noticed your toenail taking an unexpected turn and growing in a crooked manner, you’re not alone. Crooked toenails can be a cause of concern and curiosity, leaving you wondering why they have chosen this rebellious path. Let’s dive into the various factors that can lead to the crookedness of your toenails and shed some light on this mysterious issue.

Ingrown Toenails – The Culprits of Curves

One of the primary culprits behind crooked toenails is the notorious ingrown toenail. When the edges of your toenail decide to take a detour and grow into the surrounding skin, it can result in pain, redness, and inflammation. Additionally, the pressure from the ingrown nail can cause the nail to grow sideways instead of its usual straight path.

Ingrown toenails often occur due to improper nail trimming, where cutting the nail too short or rounding the corners can encourage the nail to grow into the skin. Tight-fitting shoes can exacerbate the problem, as they put additional pressure on the toes, forcing the nail to grow abnormally.

Nail Fungus – The Twisty Invader

Another sneaky invader that can lead to crooked toenails is a nail fungus infection. Fungi love warm, moist environments, making your toenails an attractive home for them. When a fungal infection strikes, it weakens the nail structure, causing it to become discolored, thickened, and brittle. As the infection progresses, the nail can take on a crooked or irregular growth pattern.

Fungal infections can easily spread from one nail to another or even from person to person in shared environments such as public pools or locker rooms. If left untreated, the fungus can continue to wreak havoc on the nail, leading to more severe curvatures.

Toenail Crooked

Trauma and Injury – The Bumpy Ride

Sometimes, a crooked toenail can be the aftermath of an unfortunate encounter with trauma or injury to the toe. Stubbing your toe on furniture, dropping heavy objects on it, or experiencing any other form of foot trauma can disrupt the normal growth of the nail, leading to irregularities in its shape and alignment.

While minor injuries might not cause significant long-term issues, more severe traumas can result in permanent changes to the nail’s growth pattern, making it grow in a crooked or deformed manner.

Genetic Predisposition – Blame It on the Genes

Genetics can play a significant role in the shape and structure of your toenails. If you have a family history of crooked toenails or other nail irregularities, you might be more prone to experiencing similar issues yourself.

Genetic predisposition can influence the thickness, curvature, and overall shape of your toenails. So, if your parents or grandparents have dealt with crooked toenails, it might be time to blame those genes for your quirky nail growth.

Age-Related Changes – The Natural Shift

As we age, various changes occur in our bodies, and our toenails are no exception. Over time, the natural wear and tear on the nail matrix can lead to changes in the nail’s growth pattern.

The nail matrix, the area beneath the cuticle where nail cells are produced, may gradually become less efficient in producing perfectly aligned cells. As a result, the toenail may start growing in a slightly crooked or irregular fashion as we age.

Home Remedies for Crooked Toenails

Now that we’ve investigated the likely suspects, let’s delve into some simple home remedies that might help you get those nails back on the straight and narrow.

Home Remedies for Crooked Toenails

Soothing Soaks for Happy Toes

Treat your hardworking feet to some well-deserved pampering with soothing foot soaks.

Start by filling a basin with warm water, and for an added touch of relaxation, mix in a generous dash of Epsom salt. The warmth of the water and the therapeutic properties of Epsom salt work wonders in softening the nails and the surrounding skin, making them more pliable for any DIY fixes that lie ahead.

Immerse your feet in this blissful concoction and let them soak for about 15-20 minutes.

Trim ‘Em Right

When it comes to trimming your toenails, gentle precision is the name of the game.

  • After the relaxing foot soak, pat your feet dry, and it’s time for the nail trimming session.
  • Use the right tools, like a quality nail clipper or file, to trim the nails straight across.
  • Avoid rounding the corners, as this can encourage the nail to grow into the surrounding skin, leading to potential ingrown toenails.
  • Gently shape the edges with the file, ensuring a smooth and even finish.
  • Proper trimming not only encourages better alignment but also reduces the risk of future complications.

Give Your Toes Some Space

Toe separators are like little heroes for your toes! These handy tools come to the rescue by creating a barrier between your toes, reducing pressure and friction.

If your crooked toenail is a result of mild misalignment or overcrowding, using toe separators can help nudge the nails back into place over time.

Besides their practical benefits, they also provide a delightful pampering experience for your feet, giving them a sense of liberation and comfort.

Cushion and Protect

Is your crooked toenail causing you discomfort or rubbing against your footwear? Fear not! Adding a little cushioning and protection can go a long way in alleviating the pain and preventing further irritation.

Consider using specialized toe caps or bandages designed to shield your nail from friction and pressure. These nifty accessories provide a soft and protective barrier, allowing your toenail to heal while reducing the risk of further misalignment.

Get Those Toes Moving

Your toes love to wiggle, and they’ll appreciate some exercise too! Strengthening exercises for the toe muscles and gentle stretching can improve flexibility and potentially contribute to better nail alignment.

Try simple exercises like picking up small objects with your toes or spreading them apart as wide as possible. Incorporate toe stretches into your daily routine to keep those toe muscles happy and healthy. These exercises not only promote better nail growth but also enhance overall foot health.

When to Seek Professional Help?

When to Seek Professional Help?

While these home remedies can work wonders for minor cases, there are times when it’s best to call in the professionals.

Persistent Pain or Discomfort

If your crooked toenail is causing you significant pain or discomfort, it’s essential to get it checked out by a healthcare professional. They can assess the situation and recommend appropriate treatment.

Severe Curvature or Deformity

If your toenail is severely crooked or deformed, it might be an indication of an underlying issue that requires medical attention. Don’t ignore those dramatic nail twists!

Changes in Nail Color, Texture, or Thickness

Any changes in the appearance of your toenail, such as discoloration, texture changes, or unusual thickness, should be investigated by a healthcare professional, as these could signal an infection or other conditions. Keep an eye out for those warning signs!

Suspected Fungal Infection

If you suspect a fungal infection, seek medical advice promptly. Fungal infections can be stubborn and might require specific treatments. Don’t let the fungi party on your toenails!


How to fix a crooked toenail?

To fix a crooked toenail, you can try soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt, trim the nails straight across, use toe separators, and protect the nail with toe caps or bandages. Strengthening exercises for toe muscles may also help.

What causes a toenail to grow crooked?

Several factors can cause a toenail to grow crooked, including ingrown toenails, nail fungus infections, trauma or injury to the toe, genetic predisposition, and age-related changes.
How can I make my toenails grow straight?

To encourage straight toenail growth, practice proper nail trimming techniques by cutting the nails straight across and avoiding rounding the corners. Wear comfortable footwear that provides enough space for your toes, and maintain good foot hygiene.

Can crooked toenails be fixed?

Yes, crooked toenails can often be fixed. Home remedies like gentle trimming and using toe separators may help in mild cases. For severe or persistent issues, it’s best to seek professional advice from a healthcare provider.

Can you fix a toenail growing crooked?

Yes, a toenail growing crooked can be fixed. Home remedies and proper nail care can often help, but for more serious cases, professional treatment may be necessary.

Why is my toenail growing thick and crooked?

A thick and crooked toenail can be caused by various factors, such as fungal infections, trauma, genetic predisposition, or age-related changes affecting the nail matrix. Identifying the specific cause can guide you in finding the appropriate treatment.


In conclusion, you can fix a crooked toenail with simple home remedies like soaking, trimming, and using toe separators. Strengthening exercises can also help. For more tips and expert advice, check out the Villa Nail Salon blog. Achieve happy and well-aligned toenails with our valuable insights!

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